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An exciting three track EP including new versions of "Tiger Tiger" that brings it roaring into the new decade. Dedicated to all the Duran Duran fans, this recreation of "Tiger Tiger" still retains a connection with the original track from the 'Seven & The Ragged Tiger' album (1983). The EP incorporates sounds and influences from music of the 80s, underpinned by a stomping groove that reflects DJ Jon's roots and contains a radio mix of "Tiger Tiger", a 12" "Xtinct Mix" and as a bonus, an original track called "Contagion (In Your Face)", an uplifting and thumping bite of electronica inspired by the Covid crisis. Released by popular demand, this proudly independent release is already kicking up a storm.

What they say: 'I've listened a few times to the Xtinct mix of "Tiger Tiger" and it's quickly become my 'go to' version of the EP! Love it, love it, love it! 10/10'
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